Healthy Meat Snacks For Travel

No road trip can be any fun without something to snack on. Now it is just not about chocolates and chips, after all it might be a long journey and you would most certainly like to give a thought to your health. The worst part is that you might eat the wrong stuff on the road and may fall ill and ruin the entire trip. A good an nutritious option that you can choose while traveling are meat snacks which provide much needed energy and yet are low on fat content.

Today the market is filled with lean, dried meat strips that have an amazing shelf life which makes them the perfect snack for most trips. Since lean meats are rich in proteins, sodium and are low carb, low on fats, they come across as a great choice. Apart from all, these meat sticks contain low cholesterol making it beneficial as the small amounts help in the absorption of vitamin D and healthy for everyone accompanying you on the trip.

Advantages of Lean Meats:

  1. Low cholesterol and low fat as compared to most other fast foods that are available in the market.
  2. High protein which helps you keep up with the enjoyment of the journey and keep you physically active. Protein also monitors the hormone levels in the body, is good for the repair of muscles which face a lot of wear and tear on such excursions, boosts the immunity of the body and keeps healthy hair, skin and good keratin formation of the nails.
  3. Balance the diet and help you in maintaining an appropriate body weight.
  4. Healthy levels of sodium present in lean meats help transmit nerve impulses which boost the nervous system and help maintain a healthy motor coordination.

After noting the health benefits of meat snacks, note that the lean meat strips have a good shelf life and can be stored for a long period of time. It does not even need to be refrigerated and can be consumed at any point of time as it does not lose its flavor or any of the nutrients its rich in.

Apart from lean meat strips, you can always carry a small pack of sandwiches made of white meat like chicken, tuna and other forms of fish; it can be consumed the same day after covering a bit of distance. If you stave off the mayonnaise and opt for fresh leafy vegetables, the sandwiches would not get soggy and taste disgusting, not to mention that it would keep from getting stale and would stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Mix and match forms of good healthy meat with nuts which are also make a great snack to munch on during the journey. And of course, corned beef sandwiches are always a family favorite. A little planning and a bit of thought to your diet would not only keep you fresh and healthy but would also pave the way for a great trip.