How To Choose a Cigar Humidor

How To Choose a Cigar Humidor

Good quality cigars need a protection that only humidors can give and a humidor is like a home for cigars. Though the humidor can range from basic Tupperware to chic Davidoff, however, their basic function remains the same. Most are exquisite enough to even perform an ornamental function. Those who want humidors at a stringent budget get good ones that are perfectly functional and basic.

70% to 72% humidity i.e., room temperature is ideally suited to store fine cigars. Lesser humidity than this can lead the cigar to dry out and its wrapper can fall apart.

The cigar deteriorates with loss of its essential oils, smell and savor. And drying is an irreversible process, as it will never return to its original quality. Then again a cigar if exposed to excessive humidity can lead it to be destroyed.

Before purchasing a humidor certain considerations must be kept in mind- i.e., the size and number of cigars do you wish to store in the humidor. Usually 7 or 8-inch cigars have a standard sized humidor and there are 9 inch ones as well. The features most important for a humidor are that the interior must be made of Spanish cedar and the construction too is important. Also, it should be tough and have a good humidification system.

The construction of the humidor is not without its significance. When the lid of the humidor is closed, the ensuing noise should not be that of banging. It is also wise to ascertain that there is sufficient space within the inside lid to support the humidification device, and that once the humidor is filled the device does not touch the cigars.

Tip #1: The humidifier must be filled with either distilled water or any of the humidifier liquids that are on offer in the market. Two precautions that must be taken are- firstly, it shouldn’t be overfilled. Secondly, tap water must not be used under any circumstances because it contains certain minerals that can impart an unpleasant smell to the cigars, and also clog the humidifier element. Humidifier must be drained of excess water on a paper towel for about 45 minutes before placing it into its suitable place in the humidor. This seasons the interior to recognize your cigars.

Tip #2: a lint free cloth slightly moist with distilled water should be used to wipe the humidifier. This helps to gather residue accumulated during manufacturing process and also allows for the interior to allow specific quantity of moisture. Otherwise the dry wood might absorb moisture out of the cigars or humidifier. The outside may only be cleaned with a soft cloth and never furniture polish. , it will fade the finish and do damage to the cigars as well.

The Mighty Myth: the biggest myth about humidors is that the box itself must be made of solid wood. Most consumers are thrilled to say their humidor is made of solid cedar wood. But there’s a problem with solid wood down the road: warping. In the entire history of wood making, you cannot keep solid wood from eventually warping. The best humidors are made from a special engineered wood.