Your First Cigar Humidor

Your First Cigar Humidor

Most people new to the cigar revolution may wonder at the necessity of buying a cigar humidor, asking whether it is absolutely imperative to buy one after having already possessed a lighter. Many people believe that it suffices to deposit the cigars in a plastic bag with a moist towel. However true cigar aficionados are convinced that a humidor is more suitable and ninety per cent of dentists would agree with them.
Now this is mainly because cigars have a process of adaptation to their surroundings. If their surroundings do not agree with them then they mature to be ill-suited and disappointing cigars and their taste would be likely to make the smoker very dissatisfied. Reversely, if they mature in a well-suited environment then they are likely to meet the tastes of the most seasoned and discerning connoisseur.

Those who have not yet purchased a humidor, which is like a home, or nest, for the cigars may wonder what exactly a humidor is and whether it is absolutely necessary to buy one. Since there are many brands and types of humidors it might seem difficult to choose the perfect one in which the cigars might mature. The concept however, is exceedingly simple. It is merely a space that offers constant humidity- Florida for a cigar.

A variety of cigars shops have room sized humidors; a closet where you can keep your cigars to mature in. Yet a room sized humidor is not what you actually need.

There is no necessity to convert the spare bedroom into a humidor, removing the bed set and making the spouse livid. A small wooden or glass humidor box is enough to cater to the need, holding a few dozen cigars, providing perfect temperatures to mature.

All humidors enclose hygrometers, which is an appliance that monitors humidity levels, allowing cigar aficionados to keep their humidors at the perfect humidity of 65 to 70 percent. When the humidity in the humidor fluctuates beyond this level, the hygrometer will inform the user of this fact. Preferably, there should be maximum number of cigars packed into the humidor: empty space leads to an excessive increase in humidity. Also of course, the empty space means fewer cigars as part of your collection.
Humidors are manufactured out of wood that is particularly good for cigars that are aging. Spanish-cedar, is most apt, as this wood holds in extra moisture, and even casts its own smell onto the cigars, repelling tobacco beetles that tiny bugs eating into the tobacco, that may potentially destroy good cigar collections.
Buying a humidor should be followed up by first preparing it to store the cigars. On no account must the cigars be placed inside immediately. The first step is wiping the interiors of the humidor with a damp towel.

The next step should be placing a vessel of cool water inside, keeping the lid of the humidor closed. Most of the water would be evaporated in about 12 more hours when a fresh bowl of water should be placed inside.

When the process of evaporation completely stops, you would know that the humidor is ready to keep your cigars in. 
The humidor must be checked every few days for refills, and in tropical climates even more frequent checks are required. Be sure to see that the water has not completely evaporated. It is best to use distilled water or a mixture of water and Propylene Glycol while refilling.