Natural Horsemanship Training

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Natural Horsemanship Training

The method of natural horsemanship is concerned with training horses through ways which are derived from the instincts, preferences and behavior of the horses itself.

By observing how horses interact with each other in their natural habitat, humans are able to gather information related with communication of horses. 

Communicating With Horses:
Horses primarily communicate with the help of body language. Hence, this concept has been integrated in natural horsemanship training method. This provides training with a better understanding required for working with horses. 

Horses are huge as well as powerful animals. Knowing a way of working effectively and positively can be of immense help to trainers. Learning the art of communicating with horses in their way is required for making the horses respond to us.

Watching the signs and cues given by horses will help trainers in deciding their course of action. 

You can also apply the classic methods of training horses along with natural horsemanship but, whatever be the method, you should always be careful about not hurting the horse’s self-respect.

Traditional methods of training horses were concerned with breaking the horse’s essence and spirit by using force so that the horse eventually accepts becoming our servant.

Natural horsemanship is not concerned with using force for training and domesticating horses, it rather deals with the will of horses. Horses will never respond to human panic and fighting. 

Respect And Trust:
The most important factor involved in horsemanship is respect and trust. In earlier days, when fences, restraining places and corrals were absent, humans had to necessarily gain horse’s trust for approaching them.

Today, on account of these restraints being available, horses are often abused by dominantly placed humans.

Trainers communicate with horses using body language, eye communication, and so on. Humans want to become the leader of horses. Horses are used to following their herd leader because they respect and trust him. If trainers want to become successful, then their requirements are also the same, namely, making the horse respect and trust them.

Final Word:
Online research can be conducted for learning certain horsemanship aims and techniques. But, this can never be as effective as real natural horsemanship training with horses with the help of body language. Only real experience can make us understand the complexities involved.

Whatever be your learning method, you should primarily consider whether you are training horses for domesticating them or making money by selling. Target market should always be considered while training horses. 

Natural horsemanship helps in building a close and beautiful relationship with horses.