Intuitive Horsemanship

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Intuitive Horsemanship

Do you know anything about having a synchronous connection with a horse? People having this connection are able to make the horse do all that is thought by them. This really gives an extremely amazing feeling but is such a telepathic connection actually possible in reality? Or does it occur only by chance?

Horses are often found to glue with each other whenever they are put in surroundings which are new to them. The fear and apprehension of one horse spreads to others extremely quickly.

Such “natural instincts” are extremely required for the purpose of survival. These instincts help the horses in connecting with each other and keeping themselves safe. But, can these instincts be utilized by humans for the purpose of training horses?

Honesty is the primary reason which enables the horses to communicate with one another through telepathy for sharing their emotions when they are upset, content or scared.

They will only rarely listen to human thoughts as humans are always lying about their emotions, feelings and thoughts and what they truly want to convey. Hence what is essentially required on our part is that we should dedicate some time for the purpose of understanding each other as well as the ideas behind our existence. Instead of doing this, we rather tend to heavily rely on other’s experiences and perception about something.

It will be more helpful for the horses to understand us, if no wrong and right is taught to them. Employing whatever is found suitable for getting the task completed is what is required. Horsemanship is all about following your feelings. 

If you firmly believe that your horse is able to listen to what you are thinking, then try this. Think about some task which you want your horse to perform such as go forward, walk on, etc.

Thinking from the horse’s perspective is essentially required for accomplishing this task.

Ask the following questions to yourself:
•    Where do you (horse) desire to move?
•    Is he/her (human) respectable enough for following his orders?
•    What will make you (horse) move forward?
•    Will you be reprimanded for not understanding his/her (human) orders?
•    Will he/she (human) stop to nag you once you complete the ordered task?
•    Do you find enough assertion in your leader’s commands?
Final Word:
Vivid imagination, clear understanding about your horse’s preferences, instincts and perspectives and patience are the essential requirements for increasing your chances of successfully communicating with a horse.