Natural Horsemanship

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Natural Horsemanship

If you are familiar with dealing horses or have been in the company of people who are familiar with dealing horses, then you must have definitely heard about “natural horsemanship”.

Few people consider it as the greatest as well as the latest method for training horses while some others thinks that meaningless hype has been created regarding this method by some popular natural horseman and their marketing efforts.

Some people consider natural horsemanship equivalent to the original methods of the past for training horses. Whatever may be your view regarding natural horsemanship, no one can deny the fact that at present it is probably the most preferred method for training horses. 

If You Are Incapable Of Beating Them,
Consider Joining Them
You can never say that a certain method is the best for the purpose of training horses as each horse and trainer has different preferences, personality and experiences.

Hence, you can never standardize the procedure of training horses. The answers to all the questions related with training horses such as how is the hoof picked up, how a difficult dressage maneuver is performed, etc., is the same. It says, “It depends”.

Natural horsemanship is concerned with using the natural tendencies and instincts of the horse for training them to perform your commanded task. The application of this method will be different for different horses. 

Learn To Communicate:
Horses are not capable enough to learn and communicate in some specific language like the way we do. Hence, the only way of communicating with horses is through understanding their body language and making them understand our signs.

Horses converse with one another using the non-verbal methods. Even though they can nicker or whiney to one another but these sounds don’t really have much significance as far as communication is concerned.

Horses have to be extremely sensitive to their surrounding world for preventing themselves from falling prey. Hence, for these reasons the senses of horses are extremely developed and they utilize body language for fulfilling their communication needs. This sensitivity of horses can be profitably used while training them.

Although trainers are required to be extremely careful while doing this as the sensitivity of horses might get them into trouble if they try to train horses hastily.   

Final Word:
Natural horsemanship is one the most popular and preferred methods available today which can be utilized for the purpose of training horses. Understanding horse preferences and keeping patience are two essential requirements for training horses.