Potty Training Resistance

There comes a time in many parents’ lives when they have to struggle with their children’s unwillingness to give up nappies and lack of understanding for the potty. This phenomenon is called potty training resistance and occurs in many children. Therefore if you are some sad parents do not worry as there are ways to improve the situation. There are a few theoretical things that you should know about potty training resistance which will help you understand what is going on and how you can handle the crisis.

The most important elements of potty training resistance that will help you survive this phase are the causes of and reasons for this kind of behavior, parents-children-potty relationship, as well as the reward-punishment factor.

In order to be successful in your attempts to get rid of the nappies, you should know what some of the reasons why children resist the potty are. Some of the potty training resistance reasons are: the fear of sitting on the potty chair, pushing a child too early or too fast towards doing this, harsh punishments or incorrectly applied rewards for doing or not doing it, forceful and aggressive implementation of the use of the potty, inconsistent training or mere stubbornness of a child who simply enjoys trying to control the parents. Obviously there are a lot of other potty training resistance reasons. The ones mentioned above, if known about by parents, the potty training resistance situation, can be much more easily dealt with and solved.

If you experience potty training resistance, another issue to keep in mind is the way you should deal with will always be the way you reward the child for hi/her successful attempts to follow your instructions about using the potty. Potty training resistance can be successfully combated with a reward or incentive for using the potty after all. Among the rewards you should use, there are praise and attention given to the child when he starts to let go of potty training resistance, potty training charts and potty training reward charts.

One thing you should definitely avoid doing if you want to rid your child of his/her potty training resistance is to stay away from physical punishment for not using the potty. Physical punishment should not be applied to older children either. The right thing to do is to explain the child the situation and try to make him/her understand the usefulness of using the potty, in order to be successful in dealing with their potty training resistance.