Using a Reward Chart

Potty training can be very frustrating and energy consuming at times. If you are the parents of a hard to deal with child you will surely need some potty training specialized advice and guidelines. You should not despair since there are many ways to start and carry out such a process successfully. One of the most important things to know and put into practice is to treat the child properly, not to force him or to call him down.

Shouting at the child or having him sit on the potty against his will will do no good. The correct approach to potty training effectively is to be calm and patient and encourage the child to do things the way big boys or big girls do.

A good thing to use is the potty training reward chart. Rewarding the child for potty training is a highly recommended course of action that will be found in any expert’s advice. Praising the child verbally is very good but using a visual aid such as a potty training reward chart is eve better. Why is a potty training reward chart more likely to be successfull?

Well, it is well known that visual aids are more effective than any other types of factors as visual impact is stronger in general and in children in particular. If you want or have to use potty training with your child, then you should also consider the potty training reward chart in order to be sure of the successful achievement of your goals.

Where can you get a potty training reward chart? It is quite simple to get a potty training reward chart. You can visit some children’s stores and choose one or more of the potty training books on the shelves. These books contain potty training reward chart sheets that you can use to record your child’s progress. Besides you can find not just one potty training reward chart but hundreds of them on the internet. All you have to do is download a potty training reward chart and use it.

Or you can create your own potty training reward chart using paper, card, ruler, colored pencils or markers, and stars or stickers. You just have to make sure you create or choose the potty training reward chart that is adequate for your child’s age, gender and preferences.

Explaining the child how the potty training reward chart works and why he receives a star or sticker, you will make the child proud of using the potty, thus forgetting about his previous fears or lack of willingness.