The Best Man’s Speech at a Wedding

The Best Man’s Speech at a Wedding

It is your friend’s big day, his wedding day. And so as yours, choosing you as his best man, he has said it loud to the whole world that you are the one he entirely relies on and it is your shoulder you looks up to, anything hard to come upon him. It is no hard part to stand by the groom while getting married but when it comes to give a wedding speech as the best man, it can get a little nerve racking. It in fact is a lot of pressure when you have to say something about your best friend and his now coming up life and new relationship in front of that big number of guests, everybody eyeing you. well there are some tips you should consider when you are preparing for a wedding speech so that you give a hit in the party.

Plan Your Speech
Don’t you just get up in front of all the guest and start taking whatever forms in your mouth? You might be sending total different waves to your best friend and his partner than you had wished. Take some time and write down what you feel and want to say. Make notes and keep it along you so that you do not forget what and all you had thought. The best is if you write down the entire speech.

Practice, Practice, Practice
It is one thing talking to people and it is different thing to make a speech in front of a huge crowd all staring at you. If you don’t want to look stupid, you should practice a lot. This is the best of your friend’s life and you don’t want to make it bad because of you. So after you write down your speech, practice couple of times. Mirror can be of great help.
Practice gives you another plus point. You normally get it all in your head if you read it our couple of times and in the reception you don’t even have to look at the paper and read it form there. You can just speak form your heart and you won’t even forget all the points you wanted to include.

Choose your words carefully
This is an important part. You and your best friend sure have spent a lot of time together and might even have some words and hidden meaning to them. You might be comfortable speaking in a different tone and level. But you have to realize that you speech is not only for you friend. There are all his family and his partner’s family. So you have to choose words and form sentences that they would be comfortable in. There will be people of all different age group. You have to consider this well. You should not include jokes and one liners of type that young children don’t understand and elderly people find very offensive.

You just don’t want to ruin you best friend’s best day. You can search over internet and certain magazines about what you should do and don’t as a wedding speaker. For you friend, you’ll have to check out places and things and bring out the best stunt for him that he’ll never forget in his life.