To Speak Or Not To Speak at a Wedding

To Speak Or Not To Speak at a Wedding

Wedding is one of those special days of your life you are never going to forget. You’d love, want and remember everything about your wedding. And so what about wedding speech? Do you really think they are necessary? Do you really want it in your wedding or you decided on having them just because its always been there in a wedding? Finally if you choose to have a wedding speech in your wedding, for whatever reasons, there are some things you should think first.

A wedding speech, as you might have imagined, would be a lovely and meaningful speech that’d touch the hearts of people attending the reception and might even bring tears in some of them. But what if it just turn other way round and end up being am embarrassing, less than welcomed regret of your life. So if you decide on having a wedding speech, plan out first by keeping in mind who’d be the right person to give it.

Whenever, it’s a wedding speech, often the best man and maid of honor pops up in your mind delivering it. It is also the matron of honor who gives the speech. This is very fine and they can give him wedding speech as has been since ages. But it again is a good idea to discuss and plan out your wedding speech beforehand. You yourself might have been to many wedding and wished you’d never have to hear those wedding speeches.

You expect it to be touchy and something good about groom and bride. But at times all you end up hearing is bluffing about past girlfriends of groom and the wild hangouts they had had together. These are the last things you’d want to hear in a wedding speech.

And there are other wedding speeches that you wish to end. The speakers forget what they are standing for in the reception and just can’t stop talking about what so ever is coming up in their mind. The things they are saying is not related to anything at all yet still they are unable to stop the verbal diarrhea. These are the times you wish somebody just stand up and shut him down. To the extreme end to this there are other speakers who stand up to say something but could manage to stand still after just saying couple of words. It doesn’t take even a minute for everyone in the room to realize that the speaker has not even thought about giving a speech let alone prepare for it.

Sometimes, bride and groom just called up everyone in the family with surprise for the speech. And it is the people in reception who have to tolerate over their ears. So who is to blame? If you really want to have a wedding speech in your wedding and it is better to get it all planned. It is in fact better to have no speeches at all than to end one the thing in embarrassment. Think about it.