The Speeches Made at Weddings

The Speeches Made at Weddings

Wedding speeches are the tradition that follows. Normally people say something in the reception probably to break the individualizing groups and bring back everybody’s attention to the stars of the day, the bride and the bridegroom. Wedding speeches are generally very lovely and touchy with more sweet words. They also get some people in tears if the speaker is really good.

Generally in a wedding reception, there are three speeches made. First come the father’s speech which is followed by the bridegroom’s speech and then comes the main part, best man’s speech. All three speeches are expected to be very emotional, with the emotional environment of the wedding. But mostly the best’s man’s speech is what people more look forward to.

Father’s speech
Relatives and close friends say a few and simple words about the bride. They say good things about her and wish her luck and happiness in her new life. After some little such speeches, the best man calls upon the bridge’s father to propose the toast to both bride and bridegroom. The father thanks all the friends and family to speak up kind words for his daughter. The father then delivers his own speech which is more appreciative to the bride and proposes a toast.

Bridegroom’s speech
After the words of newly father in law, now the bridegroom takes the opportunity to speak up. He has all good words for his parents and his wife’s parents, thanking them for their years of love and care. Thanks friends and family to attend his wedding and making the most memorable event of life. Appreciates everybody who has helped them to make the wedding happen. Says some lovable and good words for his now wife. This is more of scheduled and traditional. So there’s normally not much people actually expect form the bridegroom’s wedding speech. This is just it.

Best man’s speech
This is more important because if the best man is a good speaker then he can just steal the show. It is all on the best man’s hand if he wants to pinch up some fun in the reception. Unlike the father and the bridegroom, he can be funny and cracky. It is important that the best man’s speech is more light and easy for the crowd of all age group. While selecting someone for this speech, you should be very careful because it is your day and you don’t want somebody saying just about anything about you. You want a wedding speech to be good and emotional and of course with good things about you, after all its your special day.

It in fact is the best man’s speech that complete draws the crowd’s attention. It is better if he starts off with some one liner jokes, this makes the environment a little less emotional burdened. He tells stories about the bride and himself that can be funny and laughable. In the very same way, he invites the new bride into their circle of friendship.