Tips for Successful Wedding Speeches

Tips for Successful Wedding Speeches

Wedding day is the most important and the most special day for anyone. That specific day is remembered by everyone whether they have attended one or actually they are the part of the wedding being bride or groom. That day sees the different shades of people. From the father of the bride to the maid of honor, everybody feels as special as the bride’s gown. it means that they also have an important role to play that day. There may be other basic and materialistic things that are needed to be completely attended to but more than that there are the wedding speeches made by few important people at the wedding. When we ask or even wonder about the best gift that we can get for the bride and the groom in their wedding, there may be many answers ranging from crystal vase to wedding bells. however according to me and I am sure that most of you will agree, the best wedding gift that you can give is indeed the speech you make for the bride and the groom. The most important wedding speech is given by the bride and the groom in the form of wedding vows. These wedding vows are very personal and they should be treated that way. The simple secret personal messages that they hide behind the words are to be understood by themselves. Thereby, giving tips and ideas for such purpose does not work. They are the nearest to one’s heart and they should remain that way.

However there is also other kind of speeches given by different but equally important people like maid of honor, father of the bride, the best man and so on. No matter how personal their messages or rather speeches may be, but there are still some points that can be followed in order to bring out the best in even the simplest speeches. Whether the tone or the words that are used in presenting the speeches, they can be molded into the better format or picture. one thing that you should keep in mind if you are giving a wedding speech is that the people in front of whom you are giving your speech are the ones who know you well and they will never judge you . so the first thing you have to do before standing in front of so many people is just relax and have fun while giving the speech.
    There are certain tips that you can follow in order to make your speech more memorable.

Be thankful
•    Always start your speech by thanking the bride and the groom for inviting you to their wedding and how glad you actually are to be there. this way you can break the ice as well as prove that you indeed are happy to be part of such special occasion

•    Always keep in mind that you are there to talk about the bride and groom and not yourself. Therefore, share stories about how you met or how you know the bride and the groom. Humor is the best way to present your points without embarrassing anyone. So just go with the flow and put your concentration on the couple.

•    Giving compliments is the sign of humility and appreciation. Give compliments to the ones who are responsible for the details of the wedding as well as the ones who helped in making the day a wonderful one. Along side give your compliments to the way the bride and groom look together along with including the family and friends along for the ride.

•    Make sure to include everyone in your speech whether by addressing them or just by looking at them and speaking. Delivering speeches to just few people does not look or rather seem appreciative? Be sure that everyone understands what you are saying rather than only a handful of people who get your jokes.

•    Making your speech funny is very good and grasps the attention of everyone. However, be careful of offending anyone with your jokes. if you happen to do so humbly apologies and move on to other things. Being rude is not a part of being funny.

•    Try to add a little bit of wise words in between your speech. There are things you can say as suggestions to the bride and the groom as well as giving them best wishes for their lives together will also be remembered.

•    End the speech with a big smile and even bigger toast by just saying cheers for the happiest day of the people you care about.

As long as you keep your speech simple and celebrated, there will be no room for error of any kind. Just be yourself, follow the tips if you think you need them and just go ahead and do your thing.