Unemployment Insurance Rules

Unemployment Insurance Rules

Every try to find out what you are entitled to under Unemployment insurance benefit? Sometimes with all the options available getting to what you need can be quite a task. In this article we will look at some of the most common types of unemployment insurance and how you qualify. We will also look at types of behavior that can disqualify workers from claiming their full benefit.

First of all, Unemployment insurance exists for 2 reasons. First, to help the unemployed meet their financial obligations and purchase goods and services. This is a temporary measure designed to bridge the gap between jobs. The second reason is slightly less obvious. Unemployment insurance can help sustain the economy of small areas. It keeps money coming into the local shops and businesses for a limited amount of time.

Everyone is eligible for unemployment insurance provided they have accumulated enough wage credits in their current job. What you receive will be calculated based on your earnings. They usually look at the last 4 or 5 wage quarters to help determine the amount.

To receive unemployment insurance benefit, you must be fit to work, willing to work and actively seeking a new job. You can also have money deducted if you were let go of your job through misconduct. This however, is up to the employer to prove. The employer must also prove your earnings. If there is a discrepancy in the amount you claim versus the amount the employer states you earned, it is their responsibility to prove it.

The amount of time you can claim unemployment insurance can vary according to the state you live in. There is the possibility of extended benefit as well. Sometimes, in times or in areas of high unemployment, the state and local government will allow for an extension of unemployment insurance benefit to be issued. However, if you were discharged from your previous position for misconduct or left though your own accord, you may have difficulty in qualifying.

There are several rules governing unemployment insurance. It is designed to keep people in their current lifestyles and protect the local economy. Just because you are out of work, does not automatically mean you will be eligible. You need to have enough wage credits and clear of misconduct. Finding out what you are entitled to can be complicated however, in the end it is worth it.